How it works !

1. Initiate transaction

Send us an SMS with the details of your transaction. See how


2. Complete payment

A payment will be initiated once you make a request

There is no extra or hidden fee!

3. Receive airtime

That's it! Sit back, relax and receive your airtime.

Buy airtime offline

Example messages are:
"Send 1000 to 6XXXXXXXX"
"Send 1000 to 6XXXXXXXX from 6XXXXXXXX"

You don't have to tell us the payer if you want to pay with the number that sends us a message.

Below are our contacts:

  MTN:   679 38 54 15  Orange:   655 15 42 48

  Click on the numbers above to save in your contacts

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Switchn app now

You can make the purchase through our application.

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